Donate clothes & goods

There are many different ways we can help to support Ukrainian people coming to the Borough. One such way is to donate clothes and goods that these families and individuals might need once they arrive here.

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The people of Ukraine have been forced to leave their homes with only what they are able to carry, leaving most of their belongings behind and many will arrive here with virtually nothing. 

There will also be many local host families who are welcoming Ukrainian people into their homes and will require help with things such as furnishing bedrooms, providing equipment for babies and small children, and items such as clothes and sanitary products. 

The most constructive way of donating is to identify a need for a specific item in places such as relevant social media pages or look for lists of items required in places such as the council website.

I would like to donate something

The most effective way to donate is by checking recent lists of items that are needed. Various support groups and charities are coordinating efforts to match people and families with the things they are most urgently in need of.

These groups publish lists and details of items they need and local hosts are also able to post with specific requests for their guests, this might include things such as:

  • Baby items such as car seats, high chairs, stair gates & pushchairs 
  • Children, teen & adult clothing 
  • Medical items such as first aid kits, bandages, TCP dettol etc. to be sent to Ukraine
  • Children's toys 
We are on the hunt for laptops that we can give (or lend) to the children coming into the local area. This is to help them do their school work, as well as to connect, learn and play. These should be in good working condition, but with no preferences as to the make or model. Please contact Maryna on or Ukraine Relief Group on

The Ukraine Relief Group is based out of the TN2 Community Centre which accepts donations, organises them all and welcomes local hosts and Ukrainian guests to come and help themselves to anything they need. Some of the donations are also sent back to the Ukraine where people are desperately short of essentials such as food and medical supplies. The group always welcomes volunteers to help, along with donations. They can be contacted by email: 

You can find the TN2 Community Centre here:


The TN2 Community Centre, Lakeside (off Greggs Wood Road), Tunbridge Wells, Kent, TN2 3LZ

Opening times: 

Wednesdays 2pm-8pm
Saturdays 10am-2pm
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What to consider when selecting things to donate

  • Shoes and clothes in good condition, with lots of wear left. Nothing stained, ripped or in need of repair.
  • Prams, high chairs, car seats and all other baby items should be thoroughly cleaned.
  • Hygiene and sanitary items and toiletries should be sealed and unused.
  • No duvets or pillows unless they are new.

I am in need of something

If you're needing something for your guests or are guests yourself and in need of some specific items you can reach out to the community via the following Facebook groups & pages:

Beware of scams

We know that during times of crisis and emergency there are fraudsters who seek to profit through scamming others.

See advice on how to spot bogus requests at Action Fraud

Although you may receive legitimate requests for support from organisations you are familiar with, as always, please stay alert to possible scams and fraud.

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