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Locally, there are a number of community groups supporting Ukraine.

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Tunbridge Wells Ukraine Refugee Support Group

This subgroup of Tunbridge Wells Welcomes Refugees provides the 'wrap around' support for Ukrainian refugees coming to stay in Tunbridge Wells with the help of volunteers.

The group provides advice and support on processes such as registering to host a family or the visa application process. They aim to attract Ukrainians wishing to be hosted in Tunbridge Wells to post on this group and for hosts to communicate with them.

The Tunbridge Wells Ukraine Refugee Support Group also provides ongoing information for Tunbridge Wells hosts, and where information is shared on lessons learnt, processes, translations etc. They also share host sharing tips and information.

They are also providing English conversation classes via Tunbridge Wells Welcomes Refugees and other volunteers. This is to support Ukrainians in the community who are not attending ESOL (English to Speakers of Other Languages) language qualifications or want top up practice. You can find more information on learning English within the site. 

“We are a small, committed team who came together with the purpose of making the experience of being sponsored in Tunbridge Wells as good as it can be under the awful circumstances.”

Debbie Hayes, Tunbridge Wells Ukraine Refugee Support Group


We are a humanitarian charity with a current focus on Ukraine. Since the outbreak of the war in Ukraine in February 2022, we have been providing support to Ukrainian guests as they arrive in the UK, including initial provision of essential items, and now also assist guests moving into their new homes as they settle into life in the UK (working in close coordination with Tunbridge Wells BC Homes for Ukraine Scheme).

Since February 2022 we have also sent over 70 tons of humanitarian aid to areas of need in Ukraine including food, medical aid and other key items. Our most recent humanitarian aid run to Ukraine took place at the end of July.

We operate out of the TN2 Community Centre in Tunbridge Wells kindly provided to us by the Tunbridge Wells Borough Council and continue to receive donations for both our Ukrainian guests as well as for the humanitarian aid we send out to Ukraine. Our opening hours are Wednesdays 14h00-19h00 and Saturdays 10h00-14h00.

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