Council services & support

Local councils provide public services in and around Tunbridge Wells.

There may be three different types of local council in the area you are staying, each providing different services.

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Kent County Council

Kent County Council operates across the whole county of Kent, providing services for over 1.8 million people. It borders Greater London in the North-West to Dover in the South-East and covers 3,700 square kilometres.

The services they provide include:

  • Education
  • Libraries
  • Roads and travel
  • Social care
  • Registrations for births, marriages and deaths

You can contact the Kent Together helpline on 03000 41 24 24  or 

Tunbridge Wells Borough Council

Tunbridge Wells Borough Council operates across the towns of Royal Tunbridge Wells, Paddock Wood and Cranbrook, along with villages including Hawkhurst and Lamberhurst. The whole area together is called a borough and the population of the borough is 116,000.

The services they provide include:

  • Bin collections
  • Housing services
  • Environmental Health
  • Parks and open spaces

You can contact Tunbridge Wells Borough Council on 01892 526121 or 

Parish and Town Councils

Parish and Town Councils operate across smaller areas, usually centred on a town or parish. A parish is the area of land around a village. There are 14 Parish and 2 Town Councils within the Borough of Tunbridge Wells.

The services they provide include:

  • Community centres
  • Recreation grounds and open spaces
  • Playgrounds

They are also sources of information about events and activities happening in an area and very often co-ordinate volunteer groups to provide support to people living in their parish or town. 

Directory of Parishes and Town Councils 

Here is a list of useful links to the parishes and town councils in and around Tunbridge Wells:

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