TN2 centre

TN2 has now become the go-to-hub for Ukrainians and hosts. Run by the Ukraine Relief Group.

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Ukraine Relief Group


We have guests coming to us from all over Kent. One family drove down from Slough, eight months pregnant, with nothing. When she left she was fully stocked with everything she could need for the next six months. Every week, this community centre is growing and improving to help support our guests.

We now have guests who want to volunteer with us, some of whom come regularly every week to help.  The way I see it is they really want to be involved – they want to assist with sending items back home to their loved ones who cannot leave or who choose to stay in Ukraine.

We also know the importance of the men fighting for freedom, they need to know that the daughters, wives and children are getting the support they need here in Kent - with the knowledge they are safe they can concentrate and fight harder to free themselves from tyranny.

We have also dedicated Wednesdays to our guests, they can come down from 10:00am - 08:00pm and take part in Arts & Crafts in the new Periwinkle Art Club 10:00am - 12:00pm, a fun interactive experience for the little ones.

We offer free tea and coffee and soft drinks throughout the day. In addition we are looking to open the kitchen to bring something back to the community.

We have a play area for the little ones, and a small outside garden and a veranda to sit and relax on, our Ukrainian and UK volunteers have been working side by side to revamp the garden and make it a nice place to sit.

Behind TN2, we have a lake and woodland walks which will be lovely for them to escape the town environment.

We have a Ukrainian Yoga and Dance teacher looking to offer Wellness yoga at TN2 which is open to all. Liliya speaks good English too and will ensure other guests and hosts who wish to join in will have a great experience.

We also have volunteers both UK and Ukrainian who will be doing Reciprocal Learning, they wish to communicate better so they will be teaching each other language skills. It is a fun way to learn and will be a great add on to Ukrainians learning English through the courses offered by other groups and colleges.

The TN2 library has also offered to help those wishing to get a membership, making it an easy process to take books out from any KCC library. Timings can be found on the Council website.

TN2 Ukrainian Hub will grow from strength to strength with everyone’s help, completely staffed by volunteers from across Tunbridge Wells and now Ukraine.

TN2 is easily accessible via bus or High Brooms station only 15 minutes away.

Ultimately TN2 will, and has, become a place where our Ukrainian guests can come and relax, meet new friends, socialise and generally just feel a little like it was back home.

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