Learning about Ukraine

There is so much to learn, but here is a selection of guidance to help you better understand the country and its people. 


Ukraine is located in Eastern Europe and is the second largest country on the continent after Russia. The capital city, Kyiv, is located in north-central Ukraine.

Ukraine is linguistically diverse due to its history with Russian, Hungary, Poland, Romania and other neighbouring countries. The official language is Ukrainian, however much of the population speak Russian and other languages. Both Ukrainian and Russian are known as Eastern Slavic languages and due to their origins are very similar.

Key facts about Ukraine at a glance

  • It is home to more than 42 million people
  • The official language is Ukrainian, but many people speak both Ukrainian and Russian
  • The currency is Hryvnia
  • The dominant religion is Eastern Orthodox
  • The nation's capital and largest city is Kyiv
  • The President is Volodymyr Zelensky

Coat of arms of Ukraine

Coat Of Arms

National salute

"Glory to Ukraine!"

Is the Ukrainian national salute known as a symbol of Ukrainian sovereignty and resistance and as the official salute of the Armed Forces of Ukraine since 2018.

It is often accompanied by the response

"Glory to the heroes!"


National symbols

  • National plant - Kalyna
  • National flower - Sunflower
  • National shirt costume - Vyshyvanka
  • National musical instruments - Bandura & Trembita

Bandura is a Ukrainian plucked string folk instrument. Trembita is a Ukrainian folk wind mouthpiece musical instrument as seen below.


Ukrainian values

  • Honor
  • Loyalty
  • Faith
  • Education
  • Respect for elderly
  • Hospitality

The Day of Knowledge - 1st of September!

A celebration of the beginning of a new school year - especially for pupils and teachers.

Celebrating the New Year twice

Maslyna - last week before the Great Lent

A week of making pancakes and spending time together enjoying life.

Helpful phrases

Thank you
Dyakuyu (Дякую)

You are welcome / Please
Bud’ laska (Будь ласка)

I love you
Ya kohayu tebe (Я кохаю тебе)

How is it going?
Yak spravy? (Як справи?)

Glory to Ukraine
Slava Ukraini (Слава Україні)

Glory to Heroes
Geroyam slava (Героям слава)

Ukrainian cuisine

To name a few of the dishes...

  • Borsch (pictured here)
  • Varenyky
  • Deruny
  • Nalisnyky
  • Banush
  • Homemade sausages

Ukraine free Ebook resources

Please see the links below to view free Ebooks all about Ukraine, courtesy of Vladimir Nevzorov, the founder of Kyiv's 'Sky Horse' publishing house.

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