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This privacy policy relates to the website and associated online forms hosted on the Granicus platform and which are used for subscribing to email newsletters and offering support to refugees.

Who we are

Tunbridge Wells Borough Council
Mount Pleasant Road
Royal Tunbridge Wells


Telephone: 01892 526121

The data we collect and why

The type(s) of data that we may collect about you are:

  • personal data, including your full name, address, telephone number and email address
  • other data, including details of any skill(s) or experience you may have to offer

We have created separate privacy notices for the online forms used to collect your data.

Our use of cookies

A cookie is a small text file composed of alphanumeric characters, which is created on your computer when your browser accesses a website that uses cookies. The files are used to help people navigate the website and fully use all its features, such as logins, preferences, language settings and themes, among other common features.

Most cookies are used solely to help your browser process a website and don’t snoop any data within your file system. Cookies can however be used for more intrusive purposes since they store information about a user's browsing preferences and history, both on a specific site and browsing among several sites. Cookies can also be used to act as a form of spyware.

The website does not place any cookies on your computer.

Our online forms use essential cookies for functionality. When you visit an online form you will be presented with the option to read the privacy policy.

Your rights

You have a range of different rights under data protection legislation. These rights are not absolute, and must be balanced against other rights and applicable laws within the United Kingdom that apply, but wherever possible we will respect your rights and abide by your wishes with respect to your personal information.

You have:

  • the right to be informed
  • the right of access
  • the right to object
  • the right to rectification
  • the right to restrict processing
  • the right to request rectification of data
  • the right to be forgotten
  • the right to data portability

You can visit the Information Commissioner’s Office website to find out more detailed information about your rights and how to apply them.

Usually, we will have one month in which to respond to any request you make to apply your rights. If we don’t feel we can apply the right you have asked for, because there is an overriding interest not to, we will inform you of our decision before the expiry of one month from the date we received your request.

You can submit your request in any way, but it would help us to apply your rights if you are able to email your request to

Finding out more information or raising a concern

Aside from our website, you can find out more information about how we process and keep safe your personal data, or raise a concern with us, by contacting us:


Telephone: 01892 526121

The Information Commissioner’s Office website has more information on your rights and what to expect when organisations use your personal information.

When you raise a complaint about how we are using your personal information, we will route this through our normal complaints procedure, and respond to you within 15 working days from the date of your complaint.

If you have also requested to apply one of your rights as part of your complaint, we will deal with this under separate procedures. As part of those procedures, we will provide a response as to why we cannot apply your rights at this stage, or we will apply your right(s) within one month of the date of your request.

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